Frequently Asked Questions

There's been so much progress over the years in terms of internet marketing, new ways to approach dilemmas, new solutions to overcome the limit of reach one has to their target audience that I have been overwhelmed with various questions.

That said, what I offer is simply month to month based on however much time you'd like per day on whatever projects you choose to have me do.

I work month to month with no commitment on your part or contract. You can upgrade, downgrade or cancel at any time. I'm simply going to apply that time to whatever it is you would like done. The more time I have, the faster we'll both see results. That's the only difference between the 4 options on the order page. Once there just pick the amount of time you'd like.

At this point, I know you may have more specific questions and I could fill 10+ pages with those I have received over the years so I'm going to simplify this and just welcome you to head over to the Contact Me page and fill out the question(s) you might have so I can make certain that we're both on the same page in regards to what it is you would like done, no matter what it might be.

I look forward to helping out with quite a few solutions and I know we'll both be happy with the results as I'll make certain what is requested is done to a tee, at a price YOU choose.